Focus on food waste: Selina Juul - Founder of Stop Wasting Food movement Denmark


Selina Juul




The Book

Leftovers Cookbook "Stop spild af mad - en kogebog med mere"


The Talks

Speaker at TEDxCopenhagen, FAO's SAVE FOOD World Congress, 3rd Bonn Conference, Barilla CFN Forum20th Congress SIE Berlinetc.


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Selina Juul's articles in the press, opinion-editorials with Ministers, blogs, discussion papers , etc.





What can you do to stop food waste




It's quite simple: ACT!


As a consumer, you have greater power than you think. You are the consumer - you decide what to buy and what not to buy. You have the power over the retailers - they do not have the power over you! Consumer power can change the world. Use it!


In the supermarket: Only buy the amount of food you actually need. Plan your meals, make a shopping list and stick to it. Shop with your head and not with your stomach. Don't shop when you are hungry - you are more likely to buy food you don't need. Use what you have bought before buying new.


In the kitchen: Only cook the amount of food that you can eat. Plan your meals and think about portion sizes. Share food with your neighbours. Make sure you empty your food packaging thoroughly. Up to 25% of food is wasted because it is stuck in the food packaging. Educate yourself and know the difference between "best before" and "sell by" dates.


After the meal: If you have leftovers, cover them and allow them to cool for about an hour before putting them in the refrigerator or the freezer. Remember that warm food will raise the temperature in your fridge or freezer and may jeopardize the durability of other foods in storage. Eat your leftovers and use leftovers in new dishes.


If you are a gardener: Use your own fruit and vegetables, instead of buying fruit and vegetables in the store. Donate fruit and vegetables to friends and neighbours, and preserve the rest by pickling, freezing, drying or cooking for the freezer.


Eating at a restaurant, café or at the cafeteria at work: If at all possible, choose restaurants that have a clear policy about food waste or that offer doggy bags. Only order the amount of food that you can eat. Share a starter or a dessert to avoid waste. Remember: you can always order more!


Speaking your mind: Encourage positive action everywhere! Encourage the food industry to donate edible surplus food to charities. Join consumer movements. Encourage politicians to act. Speak up! Stop wasting food!







Stop Wasting Food movement Denmark

(Stop Spild Af Mad) 



Denmark's largest non-profit consumer movement against food waste


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